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We have the tools for the job


Watever your needs require:

Turn key or DIY we are happy to accomidate your needs. We can supply new gear or use what you have already.  

If you are looking for an idea to maximize your layout  or need a custom widgit to make your set up work just right for you, we are happy to help.

We have designed our units to be as easy as possible to install gear either by us or by you.

Some standard features to help installation:

-predrilled holes to mount  forge hose & electrical lines

-easy access under slide tables to fasten gear

-forge & swing arm support/storage brackets 

-adjustable shelves 

-bolted storage items and accessories to allow for easy repositioning

Installation cost vary, for a general rule of thumb:

Per piece of equipment installed with electrical or gas/plumbing support lines routed & tested is $45.

Standard shop labor rate is $78 per hour plus materials.


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