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For the horse owner or the professional, the patented HoofRest™  is for anyone working with horses. 


HoofRest™ is the safest and easiest method to help relieve the difficult task of holding the horse's foot in an accessible position. The key is that a comfortable position for the horse is achieved while strain is taken off the user.


Designed by farriers to make their job easier, whether checking for lameness, picking out the hoof, changing screw studs or just a minor trim, the HoofRest© will make the job easier.


The device is quickly adjusted to conform to the users most comfortable height; usually this is where the top of the cradle is just below the user's knee.


Whether it is a draft, miniature, sore hock or stifle horse, the height of the cradle can accommodate.


The adjustable foot on the device rests on the ground so all vertical force is transmitted downward, not on the users leg.


The cushioned cradle allows the horse to easily and quickly remove its leg. The leg is not held by the cradle, it is merely supported.


For the professional, this device will not aid in the speed of your work, but is indended to make the work easier on your body- adding to a longer shoeing carrier.



Hoof Rest

  • Does your horse panic, pull back or lean on your farrier?

    Try the natural way to hold a horse's hoof. 
    Designed primarily for use on the front feet, but will work with some horses on the rear feet as well.


    HoofRest™ allows the front leg to be positioned under the horse's body which is more natural and comfortable for the horse. The horse feels less sideways pull resulting in less strain on both the horse and holder. Nervous, stocky built, or short-legged horses find it difficult to allow their front legs to be pulled far enough laterally for most farriers to hold the leg in a comfortable position. 

                               THE SECRETS TO HOOFREST™ :

    Normally one would pull the horse's hoof up above one's knees so it is comfortable for the person; this height is usually 4 to 6 inches higher than is comfortable for the 12 to 15.5 hand horse.


    • Before using HoofRest™, first put the horse's foot between your legs to discover where it is comfortable for the horse. Remember that this  may be below your knee.
    • Adjust the HoofRest™ to that position. The horse will be much less inclined to rear up, pull away or panic, because the leg is less strained and in a more NATURAL position. Horses that lean or pull will be easier to shoe. 


    The swivel foot plate on the device rests on the ground so all vertical force is transmitted downward, not on the users leg. This is especially significant when-working on draft horses.


    Experience says that even if the draft doesn't lean, which they usually do, their leg still weighs 300 lbs. 

    There is a small learning curve to using the HoofRest™.

    It is crucial that the heel of your foot is placed on the foot plate and the HoofRest™ is adjusted to the correct position for the horse's foot height.

    Used correctly HoofRestTM will make your horse easier to shoe. 

    This device is not designed for untrained horses. Use only on horses that already know how to stand correctly for shoeing and trimming.

    Manufactured by American Farrier Systems,

    distributed by GFS 1-800-554-9148 

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